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We can manufacture all kinds of heat treatment basket, grate, base tray and bracket. We’re greatly experienced in this field. The materials we usually use include SCH-13, 21, 22, 24, IN519, NW22, 1.4828, 1.4833, 1.4841, 1.4845, 1.4861, 1.4864, 1.4876, 1.4878, 1.4885 etc. We can meet the standards of ASTM, AISI, BS, DIN, JIS & NF.

Heat resistant steel casting parts are more heat resistant than other material castings, widely used for heat treatment furnace, drive shaft, conveyor belt, bearing frame, power plant, incinerators, cement industry, heat treatment industry, work machinary industry and related heat treatment equipment.

Our Heat Resistant Steel Series Features:
-High oxidative stability and tarnish resistance
-Free of deformation
-Fine surface finish, excellent dimension and tolerance control
-Packing: protection film and fumigated wooden pallet or as per requested

Maximum Dimensions We Can Do (mm): 1200*800*380
Weight Range: 0.1~50 Kg
High Temperature Resistance: Above 600℃
Yield Strength σs:235~275 Mpa
Tensile Strength б b: 390~490 Mpa
Tensile Stretch δ %: 5~13

Heat Treatment Basket

This category is used heat treating specialty components. The baskets are loaded with parts then placed in a hot furnace. After thermal treatment, the baskets are lifted out of the furnace and set into a quench tank, usually containing either water or oil. The grid configuration allows both the heat and quench media to completely surround the parts, giving a homogenous thermal treatment to the parts.

Heat Treatment Base Tray

This category is placed inside of a larger, open-topped basket and are used to support parts while they are in a heat treating furnace. The large, open slots in the bottom allow the heat and furnace atmosphere (carburizing, nitriding, etc.) to circulate freely around the parts.

Heat Treatment Furnace Rail

This category is typically attached to the heat treating furnace floor using bolts. Small, statically cast rollers or wheels are then placed into the spaces along the top side of the rail. Heat treat trays are loaded with parts and are pushed or rolled along the rails into and out of the furnace.

Hanger Bracket

This category is bolted into the inside of a high temperature furnace. They are then used to secure other structural members inside the furnace, such as tube sheets and supports.

Heat Treatment Furnace Door Damper

This category is used to either control the temperature and air flow within a high temperature furnace or used to open and close the end of a furnace to allow product to move in and out. The ends of the shaft portion are machined to allow them to be installed in bearing housings and an actuator is attached to the back, with pins, to cause the damper to move.


We cast heat resistant steel from miniature to 80kgs.

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